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Walking Away from the Puzzle

Sometimes I think that people expect their brains to work like computers.  Like you can just plug in new information, your brain will instantly understand it and once it's in there it's in there forever.  I wish.  Unfortunately, our brains are not computers.  There's no Matrix plug where we can just suddenly learn Kung Fu.

No, our brains are more like dirt.  Note that I said dirt and not "sponge."  I feel like sponge is not a great simile for brains.  Sponges dry out but when you get them wet they instantly absorb liquid again.  Dirt doesn't work like that.  It gets dry and it gets hard.  This means that it won't actually absorb anything if too much water is introduced right away.  It repels the water.  Water must be introduced gradually and consistently.  If dirt is already moist it has an increased capacity for absorbing even more.

On a very simple level, our brains are the same.  Too much time with a certain mindset and it actually repels new informat…

Music is a Social Experience

As a study, I find music fascinating.  And not just intriguing chord progression kind of study.  Like, music as a whole.  It has such a unique and subtle power over humans.

Have you ever thought about this?

To start, everyone has an opinion about music.  They like it or they don't, though most people do.  But everyone's taste in music is completely unique.  I can't think of a single other art medium that has this kind of following.

Not only is music an integral part of nearly all society but it also has the power to evoke emotions and change social norms.  Bounce up and down for no reason and people will give you strange looks.  Bounce up and down while some music is being played and suddenly it's okay.  People might even join you depending on the environment.

Which really leads to the best part of music: it's social.  It brings people -- sometimes even random strangers -- together.

When it comes to teaching a young student, the social aspect of music is frequentl…