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Rethinking Teaching....In a Good Way

An opportunity has presented itself.  And, like most opportunities, it came unexpectedly.  
I was given the opportunity to become an institute director.  I find this simultaneously daunting and exciting.  I'm excited for the potential.  I'm excited for what types of changes a Suzuki institute could bring about to the area I live.
But saying you're excited about this type of a job is kind of like looking at Mt. Everest from the base and saying you're looking forward to reaching the top.  There's a LOT of...well... stuff between you and that peak.  A lot can go wrong.
As I begin the initial planning steps I realized that this is going to be a totally different kind of teaching environment that me and the other directors are going to have to learn how to provide for kids.  An institute is a break from the daily music routine.  It's intense, exhausting but--most importantly--fun.  The very nature of an institute has the power to respark a child's musical enthus…

Pre-Twinkle Demonstration: Pre-Twinkle bow hold

Steven is a student of Suzuki teacher Charles Krigbaum, SAA teachercher trainer and founder of the North Texas School of Talent Education, a Suzuki violin and viola program located in Plano, Texas.