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8 Attitude Approaches Toward Young Musicians

Learning to play a musical instrument well can very likely be the biggest challenge someone ever faces. Many skills require coordination or focus but very few demand the same level of commitment and time. Learning how to play an instrument takes years, arguably even decades in order to master.

During this passage of time people will naturally change as life teaches new lessons. These changes can create friction as a student progresses and the difficulty of the musical material also increases. Therefore it is important to be able to take a step back in order to approach the instrument with an open-minded healthy attitude.

Until the child is old enough to responsibly handle productive practice sessions on his own, much of his success will depend on the parent’s persistence. The purpose of this booklet is to present eight attitude approaches that would be useful for both new parents whose child is just starting music lessons and veteran parents that have to readdress how practicing…

Pre-Twinkle Demonstration: Preparation for the Monkey Song

Charles Krigbaum, SAA teacher trainer, demonstrates with his student the first steps in mastering the Monkey Song. 
In order to play it with the piano accompaniment she needs still to work on the rhythm and the rests, on secure finger placement and on sound. This will take still several weeks or months.
But during this time she can review ALL pieces and exercises she learnt already and prepare the next songs.